Payroll & Transition

Effortlessly Expand Your Workforce

…without the complexities of increasing headcount or administrative costs by collaborating with RPP for payroll and contractor transition services.

With over 25 years of combined experience in sourcing and recruiting, we bring a wealth of expertise in assuming management responsibility and becoming the employer of record for contractors, contractor groups, or project teams previously engaged with other vendors.

The process of transitioning contractor groups should be smooth and efficient for all parties involved, saving you both time and money. We have designed a tailored and streamlined transitioning process to alleviate the burden of heightened payroll and administrative functions, enabling you to scale your workforce effortlessly. This is achieved through five straightforward steps:

Step 1

Evaluate the existing contractor population and annual agency expenditure.

Step 2

Assess the current contractor compensation and benefit packages for comparison to identify opportunities for added value.

Step 3

Calculate and present a cost-effective plan to the client while establishing a transition timeline.

Step 4

Conduct meetings with the current contractor population for introductions, compensation and benefits reviews, and Q&A sessions to prevent disruptions at work sites.

Step 5

Onboard the contractor population to RPP smoothly and efficiently.

Industries we cover

Oil, Gas & Chemical

Our consultants specialize in specific industries and disciplines, allowing them to seamlessly integrate with your team to assistin talent acquisition and workforce management in an efficient, innovative, and safety-focused manner. 

Power & Renewables

We partner with a diverse range of clients in the dynamic Power & Renewables sector, playing a pivotal role in designing, constructing, and maintaining the infrastructure that powers the U.S.


Whether you seek a single, technical contract hire or a comprehensive turnkey recruitment solution, we have the expertise. 



Construction & Infrastructure

In a time of unparalleled investment in U.S. infrastructure, the imperative lies in recruiting and nurturing talent for timely and budget-conscious project delivery,

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