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Recruitment Solutions for Permanent Positions

Your Ally in Direct Hiring Requirements

If you’re in the market to fill permanent positions in Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Power & Renewables or construction & infrastructure, rely on RPP for assistance.

Trust Resolute Project Professionals for Your Permanent Hiring Needs

Boasting over 25 years of collective experience in sourcing and recruiting, our seasoned recruiters, specializing in various disciplines, are dedicated to identifying the ideal candidate for your role, ensuring your hiring needs are satisfied.

With a profound understanding of the market and a vast network of industry professionals spanning diverse sectors, we present only the most qualified candidates, adding substantial value to your team in both the short and long term.

Optimize Your Hiring Process

When seeking to fill permanent positions in Oil, Gas & Chemicals, or Power & Renewables, RPP is your trusted partner.

Experienced in sourcing and recruiting, our specialized recruiters are committed to pinpointing the perfect candidate for your role, ensuring your hiring needs are not only met but exceeded.

Armed with a deep understanding of the market and an extensive network of industry professionals across various sectors, we deliver only the most qualified candidates, bringing significant value to your team for both immediate and long-term success.

Manage the candidate interview process, including research, interviews, references, and background checks

Handle negotiations for employment terms, including compensation packages and relocation allowances.

Provide support for skills testing and personality profiling upon request to ensure candidates align with your business needs.

Conduct post-hire follow-ups to ensure customer satisfaction for both you and the employee.

Industries we cover

Oil, Gas and Chemical

Our consultants specialize in specific industries and disciplines, allowing them to seamlessly integrate with your team to assistin talent acquisition and workforce management in an efficient, innovative, and safety-focused manner. 

Power & Renewables

We partner with a diverse range of clients in the dynamic Power & Renewables sector, playing a pivotal role in designing, constructing, and maintaining the infrastructure that powers the U.S.


Whether you seek a single, technical contract hire or a comprehensive turnkey recruitment solution, we have the expertise. 



Construction & Infrastructure

In a time of unparalleled investment in U.S. infrastructure, the imperative lies in recruiting and nurturing talent for timely and budget-conscious project delivery,

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If you’re seeking direct hire staffing, simply share your specific requirements with us, and we’ll reach out to inform you about how we can be of assistance.

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